Workforce Management

The workforce is the backbone of any organization and with the right people, you can transform Human Talent into Digital Acquisition. At Tagtoss, we aim to do just that – equip companies with top-class workforce management solutions to help them succeed.

As a well-recognized workforce management services provider, we offer end-to-end HRO services that are aimed at solving complex HR challenges.

From customized staffing services, expert talent acquisition, search and recruitment, payroll compliance, training and skill development, to manage workforce solutions, Tagtoss provides all the tools necessary to drive your business growth.

Contingent Staffing

Tagtoss provides the most innovative, efficient, and cost-effective workforce solutions in today’s marketplace. Tagtoss leverages its mature, quality-certified processes to provide a variety of standard and customized solutions and programs to help clients optimize their supply chain and increase time to market their workforce requirements.

Tagtoss workforce solutions help clients increase efficiency, accelerate project progress, cut costs, and ultimately enhance their competitive edge. Tagtoss provides technical expertise to fill gaps in clients’ immediate skill sets availability, delivers emerging technology skill-sets, refreshes the existing skill base, allows for flexibility in project planning and execution phases, and provides budgeting/financial flexibility by offering contingent labor as a variable cost.

IT Staffing

Tagtoss has always provided itself with delivering the best of services and gaining high customer satisfaction. Our Staffing Services are designed to help you find the most effective resources to bridge the tech skill gaps within your organization. Our offerings include service providers, needs-based staffing, and end-to-end staffing solutions.

Needs-Based Staffing: Our expert recruiters help meet your staffing needs by managing your growing demands efficiently.

Service Provider: We streamline your vendor engagement through cutting-edge proprietary digital tools and a seasoned, expert team. This ensures quality vendor management services and timely availability of resources for your needs.

End-to-End Staffing Solutions: Our comprehensive staffing solutions are aimed at meeting the requirements of Hire, Train, Deploy, Build, Operate, and Transfer.

Project Staffing

Tagtoss differentiates itself by focusing on its core competency – staff augmentation and then provides added value through the involvement of its dedicated Solutions practice.

The subject matter expertise found in the Solutions practice combined with the maturity of our processes, platforms, and technology allows Tagtoss, with scale, to deliver bulk staffingprograms that deliver value, cost efficiencies, and most importantly, results. The ability to take on deliverables and management responsibility provides Tagtoss clients with more choice in how they achieve their internal objectives.

Even in cases where our clients prefer to manage the resources directly, the Solutions team bolsters our own recruiting efforts by ensuring that screening is done by actual delivery experts who operate in that space.In addition, the Solutions team can also serve as a touchpoint to the staffed resources, offering advice and support on achieving compliance with client expectations and industry best practices.

Skills & Learning Solutions

At TagToss, we have developed content and courses in the following Sectors as per the mandates set forth by the respective Sector Skill Councils. The content is developed in consultation with the subject matter experts with the stringent procedure in place to ensure the accuracy and quality of the
content. All our trainers have been certified by the industryexperts and are equipped with the right skills to ensure effective training delivered.

Payroll & Transmission Services

Payroll Services: Tagtoss provides payrolling services, assuming management responsibility of the referred or pass-through consultants identified by the client. Tagtoss payrolling process includes complete validation, induction, and communication management.

Transitioning: Through a successful vendor consolidation program, clients of Tagtoss gain the advantages of engaging with fewer, more qualified suppliers.
Benefits include Centralized sourcing activities for greater efficiency. No Fee disparity,No contact variant limited candidate ownership questions for less co-employment risk consistent deliverables.